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Introducing: The Backdrop Box

After releasing the Mirror Box , some people asked me to remove the water and lower part of the box, because they only wanted to surround an existing build with a sky. This is what the Backdrop Box is: it is only the sky part of the Mirror Box. It has the exact same scenes as the Mirror Box, it comes in the same sizes (except the height is halved) and it uses the same remote control. The Backdrop Box can perfectly be used in combination with the version 6 Sky Landscapes . A small sky landscape can be surrounded by the 125x125 m box, the medium one by a 250x250 m box and the large one by the 1024x1024 box. Backdrop box combined with HIGHLANDS COAST Skybox Environment [6.1] The scenes of the Backdrop Box were made by using these version 6 sky landscapes, so their look and feel will match very well. All you have to do is look for some nice environment settings! For now, the Backdrop Box is only available in my inworld store .

Introducing: The Mirror Box

Time for some true innovation in Second Life! Today I'm introducing a completely new version of an already existing kind of item in SL: a skybox made of flat screens, and I'm calling it The Mirror Box. Reflections, even at low graphics settings As far as I can tell, two aspects are completely different from what's currently on the market: The pictures for the screens were all taken in Second Life itself. You can see Second Life skies and clouds on them, and the landscapes you see are also images of 3D landscapes of Landscapes Unlimited in SL; Halfway in the box is an animated water texture. Below it, the box is textured in a way that makes it appear as if the water completely and naturally reflects the sky and landscape images. Because this mirror effect of the water is so striking and convicing, I'm calling the box The Mirror Box. The Mirror Box from a distance, with menu The Mirror Box comes in ten sizes, ranging from 32x32x32 m till 1x1x1 km. All

Version 6 Sim Surrounds now in Sky edition

By the end of 2016 I finished a new set of sim surround landscapes (version 6.0). These landscapes are now available in a sky edition, in three sizes: Large (1x1 km), Medium (250x250 m) and Small (125x125 m). Sweetwater Valley - Autumn Tropcal Paradise It took quite some time to develop these, especially because the new type of water that I wanted to use ( see also this blogpost ) required  lots of changes in several landscape and HUD scripts. This is also why the HUD was updated to version 6.1: previous HUD's won't work on these sky landscapes. Gorges du Verdon with functioning HUD 6.1 When rezzing the Medium and Small editions you will get a menu that helps you to rez a naturally shaped and textures solid mesh platform in the middle. You can bring up this menu afterwards too by touching the landscape for at least five seconds. Mesh terrain and menus The mesh platforms themselves have a menu to change the texture to another season. They are copy-m

Updated Sky Water: now with ice

I've updated my animated prim water for sky builds. There are now more types of water to choose from, and you can also switch to ice textures, with more or less snow. It's available in three sizes: 1x1 km, 250x250 m and 125x125 m (the last one is new). Eight textures to choose from Eight options include opaque textures, which means there is no transparency and therefore no ugly conflicts with other partially transparent objects, like trees and windows. With HUD to change appearence Everyone who bought the sky water in the past should have received this updated version by now. If not, then please get in touch with me, so I can give you one! Make sure to switch on the Advanced Lighting Model in the Graphics menu of your viewer. You can get demos and the real ones on the Marketplace  or on Landscapes Unlimited .