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New off-sim clouds released

This month we're releasing new off-sim clouds. They are far away from the edge of your sim, which makes them look more realistic and allows them to go behind almost all off-sim landscapes.  They may interfere with some MEGA surrounds, but this is not a problem at all because some clouds will be in front of the mountains and some behind, which makes them look even better. You can change several properties of the clouds with a menu. This menu pops up when you rez the clouds or when you touch the remote control. You can, for example, change their movement speed, their glow, and how high they are. You can also select another type of clouds, from fair weather clouds to storm clouds. The previous clouds system will be discontinued from now on. Those who previously purchased that one will get a 50% discount on the new clouds. Make sure to purchase them in-world though, this discount is not available in the Second Life marketplace. You can find the new clouds here on the marketplace , or h