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Introducing: The Backdrop Box

After releasing the Mirror Box , some people asked me to remove the water and lower part of the box, because they only wanted to surround an existing build with a sky. This is what the Backdrop Box is: it is only the sky part of the Mirror Box. It has the exact same scenes as the Mirror Box, it comes in the same sizes (except the height is halved) and it uses the same remote control. The Backdrop Box can perfectly be used in combination with the version 6 Sky Landscapes . A small sky landscape can be surrounded by the 125x125 m box, the medium one by a 250x250 m box and the large one by the 1024x1024 box. Backdrop box combined with HIGHLANDS COAST Skybox Environment [6.1] The scenes of the Backdrop Box were made by using these version 6 sky landscapes, so their look and feel will match very well. All you have to do is look for some nice environment settings! For now, the Backdrop Box is only available in my inworld store .