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A Winter edition of the Mirror Box

The holiday season is coming to Second Life! This new Winter mirror box will make a pretty backdrop for your Winter season build. It's easy to set up, and it comes with a few new features that will make your experience so much better. It contains 23 different scenes, ranging from day to night and from bright to cloudy. After putting it in place it should be easy to find a scene that best matches your wishes. Its ice floor can be changed from clear to fully snow covered. Because of the mirror box effect, the ice looks like it perfectly reflects all the light of its surroundings. The mirror box comes with snow covered mesh islands. When you drop them inside your box they will move to the ice level, and then you can move them to the right spot.  In your folder you will also find a snow add-on. Drop this one inside your box (it moves into place by itself) and you will see snow gently falling close to the walls of the box. The snow add-on can be customized to your wishes: let is now lig