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Landscapes Unlimited goes Urban

Up to now, I've only created purely natural landscape items. The sheer beauty of nature inspired me. However, city sceneries can be very impressive too, and recently 'materials' in Second Life offer awesome possibilities to make the textures of buildings much richer than before. Besides, several people have been asking me about city surrounds. Two months ago I accepted the challenge, and this is what I came up with: A full city sim surround (1,000 x 1,000 m), for single region islands, A half city sim surround (1,000 x 500 m), for bigger islands, A large city skybox surround (1,000 x 1,000 m), for large sky builds on island regions. Modern City Full Sim Surround landscape Modern City Half Sim Surround landscape I have two more items on my to-do list: a medium-sized sky surround (250 x 250 m) and a sim edge environment (250 x 125 m), but they probably won't be ready before September. The city landscapes come in three sets of metarials: one especially