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This summer on Landscapes Unlimited: The Virtual Swiss Alps

This morning I completely changed the environment of the sim. When you arrive there, you will be on top of a mountainous area, in between some of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps and the lower areas to the North. The environment resembles the Jungfrau-Aletsch region, which is, like Yosemite, on the Unesco World Heritage list. The area is very impressive, for example because of the incredible height differences, the deadly, steep slopes of the Eiger, the waterfalls near Wengen, the Jungfrau with its extreme climate on the northern fringes of the Alps, and the long Aletsch glacier that flows southward, just on the other side of the highest peaks. Not everything that makes this area special can be modeled in a couple of mega prims, but the sim surround should give you a small impression. You can visit the Virtual Swiss Alps here This one came from the heart. What you see here is entirely off-sim The red square shows the sim border

To the heart of Europe

On Friday June 15, I will exchange the Yosemite environment on my sim Landscapes Unlimited for another mountainous environment. This one is inspired on a part of Swiss Alps in Europe. Here's a first picture to give you an impression of what I have been working on the last few weeks. This environment has a couple of new features, this picture gives you a clue to some of them!