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All-In-One and Copy environments well appreciated

For three weeks All-In-One rezzers are available. They allow you to change your surrounding environment to any of 20-25 available layouts. Combined with all functionality the HUD has to offer, this gives you literally thousands and thousands of possible combinations to customize your environment. During these three weeks about 30% of the items sold were All-In-One rezzers. Obviously, many people appreciate the possibilities they have to offer!  Our most popular item: the All-In-One Sim Surround Rezzer Nowadays, there are also COPY-versions available. These are also well appreciated: almost 20% of the items sold were COPY-items.

See the HUD and rezzers in action

Some people missed the possibility to see all environments on my sim. They liked the rezzers I had before: you could touch a picture, and the environment of your choice would rez around you. I removed that option, because I now have too many versions. The only way you could see the HUD and the environments 'in action' was to take demos and rez them on your land. I was not too keen on removing the rezzers myself, and I do understand it's very convenient to be able to browse through all landscapes, and then take a few demos of your choice. That's why a few days ago, I added demonstrators of all rezzers to the platforms. The demonstrator for environments for 1/4 sim corner parcels You can operate the HUD in front of them, and experience how you can customize the environments. Up to now, no-one was able to 'break' them, so go ahead and put them to the test!

Mesh on the World Map

This is what the mesh landscape on Landscapes Unlimited looks like on the world map. The map maker obviously can't properly handle mesh objects yet, it doesn't even use the lowest level of detail (LOD).  Second Life world map with mesh objects on sim

A dull wooden platform… Why is that?

When you teleport to my sim, you will end up on a good old wooden platform, surrounded by a new, large sky environment. To be honest, I didn't want to welcome you anymore on such an old platform. I created a whole new environment for that purpose, and it’s even on my sim but… it’s made of the newest MESH technology! However... nine out of the first ten people that visited my sim asked me if they came at a bad time, because apparantly I was in the middle of a chaotic process of creation. What happened is, that they saw lots of big boxes and triangles lying around, which happened to be the way my mesh sim landscape was represented in their “old” viewers. That’s when I decided to make a temporary sky platform. I will take it down when mesh is incorporated in most viewers! Do you use a viewer now that is compatible with mesh? Go down to ground level and enjoy! This is what it should look like :-). Now the lighthouse makes sense.

New off-sim and sky environments released

As of today, September 1, the new set of 3D environments can be purchased on Landscapes Unlimited. You can elaborately change their appearance with a hud. There are free demos of all items available: take them with you if you want to see what they’re like. Unfortunately, you cannot see the environments on my sim anymore. If you want to purchase a “real” one, you can choose between a TRANSFER version (it’s cheaper) and a COPY version (you can’t lose it, and you can use it elsewhere too). And… we have HUD-comtrolled rezzers for sale now that have ALL available setups inside. Even COPY ones. Get them all in one buy! You can consult the catalog here: , and read the user manual here: