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Introducing: Off-sim Clouds

Today I've released off-sim clouds in Second Life. These are the first ones that are actually very far away from the sim. They go behind each and every existing sim surrounding landscape, as you would expect in real life. By using a menu, that you get by touching a remote control, you can select out of 12 cloud types and layouts. You can change their appearence (glow, fullbright) and speed of movement. Yes, they move around the sim slowly (or more quickly), so that you will always have a different view when you arrive at your place. You can allow group members to change the appearence of the clouds as well. The clouds all have normal maps (materials), which means they will appear to be 3D when you have Advanced Lighting switched on in the Graphics settings of your viewer. Their land impact is only 4. They move into place by themselves (you can lift or lower if you're not pleased with their position), and you can use them both at ground level and around sky bu