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A Mesh Environment in Second Life

On ground level on my sim Landscapes Unlimited I created a brand new mesh environment. I wanted to figure out how to use mesh for my environments. Meshes make it easier to create solid caves, tunnels, steep slopes and overhanging rock masses. They also offer more options for texturing: enough reasons to give it a try. Complicating factors are, that mesh objects can only be 64x64x64m in size and that they take a lot of prims. In order to cover a complete region with one environment, I had to use 25 meshes that take about 900 prims. Optimization of the meshes could reduce the prim count, but I hardly think decreasing it to less than 450 is possible. You're invited to take a look. Please beware: you need a mesh viewer to be able to see the environment in it's full glory. You can use Linden Lab's Viewer 3, or the latest Firestorm viewer. Don't hesitate to comment on my work on this blog or on my profile wall ! Follow this link to visit the mesh environment. .

A new message service

A few weeks ago I created my own message service for people who want to receive messages about new products, updates and discounts. Up to then, I both had a Subscribe-O-Matic group and a Second Life group. The Second Life group proved not to be very popular, because there's a limit to the number of groups to which you can subscribe (42 groups). The Subscribe-O-Matic group did not have this setback, but the only way people could subscribe was by touching one of the panels on my sim. I could not invite people by menu or by sending them a URL or an object, and most people didn't notice the panels. For those reasons I now have my own protected database. A couple of scripts allow me to invite all visitors to my sim to subscribe: clicking "Yes" (or "No") is all they need to do. I have also added a similar script to the boxed Marketplace items, so that people who get an item there also get the opportunity to subscribe. People who have already subscribed, don

Some exciting changes ahead

It's been a long time that I've written on this blog. I have been very active with various projects that I haven't shared with you yet. I will sum them up in this post, and I will give you more information in the weeks to come. I'm sure a lot of you will be excited to see what I will have to offer soon. I have created a solid mesh landscape on my full sim. Mesh offers great opportunities for solid caves, cliffs and overhanging land masses. I rezzed a forest and some beaches, and Margaret Heliosense rezzed lots of beautiful items to make your stay enjoyable. The island is surrounded by an especially designed sim surround, to complete the whole experience of the sim. I have developed a message service, and I have transferred all group members (both Subscribe-O-Matic and the SL group) to that service. It's much easier now for me to invite people to this service, and, since it's not a Second Life group anymore, it won't count against the maximum numer of SL g