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New surround will be released on April 15

On February 13 I wrote about a completely new technique that allows me to recreate the world's most impressive landscapes. I will release the first one on April 15 , and it should resemble... No, wait, YOU tell me what it looks like! Comment on this post to tell me what you think. I'll reveal two things: it's in North-America, and the valleys and mountains were sculpted by thick glaciers during an ice age. And, while you're at it, please tell me what other landscape, preferably listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, you would like me to recreate. A few new features make this surround different from all previous ones: It has five off-sim animated waterfalls It has about 600 off-sim trees, that can be textured for every season you want It is made up of morphological entities (valley floor, rocks, boulders, alpine meadows), that can all be textured separately The surround comes with a new version of the HUD. Both the surround and the HUD use web-base