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Mega Northern Lights for islands in Second Life

Earlier we released northern lights for 1/4 sim corner parcels , to go off-sim in front of your waterfront parcel. Now we're releasing a mega edition, meant for single island regions or island continents. The northern lights come in two layouts. One stays more or less in one place and runs from the horizon to almost above the sim. This layout is perfect for placement in a valley in your surrounding landscape.  The other one slowly moves all around your region(s), and will on some times be visible close to the horizon and on other times high in the sky. The northern lights gradually change colors and their shape changes constantly, similar to what you would see in real life. A menu helps you change the appearance of the northern lights. The northern lights go very well together with all sim surrounding landscapes in SL. It also combines wonderfully well with the Starry Night . You can purchase a copy of the Northern Lights or collect a free demo in our inworld store .

Releasing The Arctic Mountains

We're presenting our next Mega landscape : the Arctic Mountains. It's a treeless surround, and in all 12 texture sets (selectable by using the HUD) there is at least some snow on the mountain tops.  This mega off-sim landscape comes in three editions: one is meant for one region with water around, and two are meant to connect to your region's land without any water surrounding your sim terrain To complete the arctic nature of this surround we've added a sea ice object. It shows ice floes close to the surround. The surround can be completed by the separately available off-sim snow and off-sim northern lights. What a glorious Winter this will be! Get your copy or a free demo here in our inworld store.

Let it snow!

We're releasing an off-sim snow system in Second Life. From now on you can have snow falling, not only on, but also outside your island region. This snow system comes in three editions: one covering 1/4 of your surroundings, one covering half and one going all around your region. A fat pack has them all three. You can adjust its appearance easily by using a menu that pops up when you drop a new copy, when you touch the falling snow for one second, or when you click its remote control. The snow can be very dense, with large flakes, very light with small flakes and every variation in between. The snow can blow sideways or twirl down gently. The systems can rotate around your region as well, so it can look like snow showers passing by. You can use a few copies with different settings to get a very natural, interesting effect. You won't be able to keep your eyes off of the flakes gently falling down on your snowy surround... The off-sim snow works well with all off-sim landscapes.