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There's a moon over the off-sim mountains tonight

With this moon and planet system you can add as many moons or planets to your place as you want. They are perfect as a backdrop for a romantic spot or to increase the immersion on sci-fi or fantasy builds. They are ideal for photo shoots, and can be used both at land level and on sky builds. You can get a demo here on the Marketplace or get a real one here . They will be discounted by 20% until Monday November 2. The "3D moon" responds to windlight lighting as if it were 3 3D shape The planets will be very far outside your sim boundaries, and are always behind any off-sim landscape that you may be using, like they would in reality. I'm pretty sure this is the only moon and planet system in Second Life that is able to place a moon or planet that far away! The planet system uses materials. This means normal and specular maps will make them look like actual spheres instead of flat discs. The lighting of the planets will change with the position of your sun and moo

Four new Solid Sky Landscapes

Four new Solid Sky Landscapes (see this blog post to learn more about this type of landscape and for an instruction video) are available in my store . Together with the previous six ones they are also available in a considerably discounted fatpack. You might use them to create additional levels in the air, perhaps even to rent out to others to earn back part of your tiers! Solid Sky Landscapes are primarily meant for people who have a complete island region (full sim or homestead) at their disposal. The part that is within the region boundaries is solid mesh, so you can build and walk on it. The off-sim, surrounding part is made of matching sculpted mega prims. They are meant for use in the sky. Make sure to enable Advanced Lighting Model in your Graphics settings, especially animated water on all landscapes and sand ripples on the Sahara Oasis landscape will look a lot better that way. This one is inspired by the Lijiang River near Guilin, in China. It's an incredible beau

Solid Sky Landscapes are now available

All six brand new solid sky landscapes are now available in the Landscapes Unlimited store in Second Life. In  this previous post you can read what makes these landscapes special. You could already see the Peaky Islands and the Six Lakes solid landscapes, now you can also visit the Lonely Mountain , Kingdom of Islands and Crossing Ridges landscapes. Lonely Mountain solid sky landscape The Lonely Mountain is special in a sense that it puts you on top of a mountain instead of in a valley. It is surrounded by animated reflective water (enable Advanced Lighting model!) that you can look and dream about, but not go to. Go to the borders of the sim and look down to enjoy the spectacular views. I'm sure many of you will be inspired by it: this is not a common sight in Second Life, where most places are surrounded by mountains instead of on top of them. The mesh on-sim surface makes it easy to build your own mountain keep. Lonely Mountain: a mountainous island floating

NEW Solid Sky Landscapes: sim-wide solid mesh merging into a surrounding, off-sim sculpted landscape

After several months of work I've finally finished the first six landscapes of a completely new type. I call them Solid Sky Landscapes. Peaky Islands Solid Sky Landcsape These sky landscapes are perfect for easily creating an additional level high above ground level, with a naturally shaped solid surface that almost looks like regular sim land. You can use them on full sims and homesteads. They only have a land impact of 80-160 (depending on the configuration you choose) so land impact shouldn't be a problem! The Six Lakes solid sky landscape... ...with the solid mesh part in the middle, highlighted for this picture by "glow" Two solid sky landscapes are already on display, and all six of them will be available in my store this weekend or at the beginning of next week. Solid sky landscapes consist of two parts: a solid mesh part within and a sculpted mega prim part outside the sim borders. These are their properties: The mesh on-sim part: The me