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A complete walkable, easy to install mesh beach system: revolutionize your beach experience

Straight beach. Looks familiar? Over the years I have seen many island-themed regions (often tropical) with beaches along the sim edges. Almost always, the beaches appear to be straight and unnatural, with deep cliffs at the sim border. This is especially apparent when you look down from high above. See the picture to the left as an illustration. A chart of 49 out of 158 segments It's obvious that it's not easy to create naturally sloping beaches with the regular terraforming tools. What I have for you now, is a system of mesh beach segments that fit together like domino blocks. I made 158 segments that fit together like domino blocks in uncountable ways, to allow people to compose their own unique beach. The segments are solid, so you can walk and build on them and solid 'invisiprims' are not necessary. A complete sim, layed out with mesh beaches. The 25 segments are textured like a chessboard. The red area is the sim itself: note that part of the outer