Updated Sky Water: now with ice

I've updated my animated prim water for sky builds. There are now more types of water to choose from, and you can also switch to ice textures, with more or less snow. It's available in three sizes: 1x1 km, 250x250 m and 125x125 m (the last one is new).

Eight textures to choose from

Eight options include opaque textures, which means there is no transparency and therefore no ugly conflicts with other partially transparent objects, like trees and windows.

With HUD to change appearence

Everyone who bought the sky water in the past should have received this updated version by now. If not, then please get in touch with me, so I can give you one!

Make sure to switch on the Advanced Lighting Model in the Graphics menu of your viewer. You can get demos and the real ones on the Marketplace or on Landscapes Unlimited.


  1. Love your builds! (for years) We're interested in your Tropical Paradise for our 1/2 sim in the sky but have some questions. Thanks!

    1. Please go ahead and ask! Can I get in touch with you inside Second Life?


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