Introducing: The Mirror Box

Time for some true innovation in Second Life! Today I'm introducing a completely new version of an already existing kind of item in SL: a skybox made of flat screens, and I'm calling it The Mirror Box.

Reflections, even at low graphics settings

As far as I can tell, two aspects are completely different from what's currently on the market:
  1. The pictures for the screens were all taken in Second Life itself. You can see Second Life skies and clouds on them, and the landscapes you see are also images of 3D landscapes of Landscapes Unlimited in SL;
  2. Halfway in the box is an animated water texture. Below it, the box is textured in a way that makes it appear as if the water completely and naturally reflects the sky and landscape images.
Because this mirror effect of the water is so striking and convicing, I'm calling the box The Mirror Box.

The Mirror Box from a distance, with menu
The Mirror Box comes in ten sizes, ranging from 32x32x32 m till 1x1x1 km. All are cubes. The smaller sizees should make it possible for those with smaller parcels to use it. Its land impact is 12, and only counts where the middle of the box (the root prim) is. If your neighbours don't mind, then you can use a larger size without impacting their land.

Selecting other scenes

All Mirror Boxes have 70 scenes to choose from, and in time more will (automatically for you) be added. A menu  allows you to switch scenes, and change the water settings (speed, glow, repeat factor etc). You can even select ice for wintery scenes!

Ice, also reflecting the sky and mountains

The owner can allow group members to change the box as well. This can be very convenient for those who rent out boxes to others, or to allow friends to make changes.

The Mirror Box with "reflecting" items. A set of these items is available in the inworld store as well

The Mirror Box is available in my inworld store. There's a heavily discounted fatpack available as well, with all sizes in it, and of course you can get free demos. When you're there, you could follow the introductory route along seven decorated boxes. In the last one, you can use the menu yourself to change the scene and water. I'm looking forward to meeting you there!

Find more pictures on y Flickr page.

Inside a closed skybox looking outside, to the slowly rotating blades of the wind turbines and the moving waves of The Mirror Box

A gloomy day... This scene was made by Sablina Resident.

And... The Milky Way!


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