Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sahara Desert Surround

Last December I've released a new sim surround: the Sahara Desert. It has normal maps (increased landscape detail when Advanced Lighting is enabled) and seven baked texture setups. The desert sands continue right up until the sim borders, but the sim itself is completely open, This makes it possible to merge your own sim terrain with the surround at the borders, and then create your own dunes or a lake or oasis on your sim by terraforming, without being obstructed by the surround.

Sahara Desert surround with open center

Sahara Desert surround with terraformed sim terrain with matching textures

With your Sahara Desert surround you also get a texture pack with 36 terrain textures that you can use for texturing your sim terrain. It won't be too difficult to find texture combinations that work well with the surround.

Matching terrain textures

You can get the surround here. There is also a free demo available.

A wintery "desert" scene. All baked texture setups can be combined with palm trees as well

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