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Yosemite Skybox Environment for 4,096 m² parcels

Over the last few months, several people have asked me if I had a version of the Yosemite skybox environment that would completely fit on a 64 x 64m parcel (4,096 m²). The smallest environments I had up to now were 100 x 100m, too big for people who could not get permission from their neighbors to go over their land with the mega prims. Last week I decided a 64 x 64m version would actually be a good addition to what I had to offer, and I started to create one. This was not just a matter of shrinking the existing environment, because the open area in the middle would become too small: I had to push the mountains, rivers and waterfalls to the sides.

This resulted in a very nice, secluded sky environment of 43 prims. Rez a few trees, a cabin, some grass and you're done: a romantic getaway, high above your regular house or shop at ground level.

This tiny environment is available in my store and on the marketplace, in Bronze (both Summer and Winter), Silver and Gold editions. As always…

Sim surround Tropics released today

I have decided to release the full sim surround version of the Tropics environment a few weeks earlier. As of today, it is available in my store.

There are Silver (transferable with HUD) and Gold (copyable with HUD) editions available. Both have four completely different tropical environments inside, all with a couple of default texture options, making 15 default scenes. All can be selected and adjusted by HUD. I will not release any Bronze editions of this specific surround, because there are just too many scenes.

Later this month, or early next year, I will release half sim surround, sim edge and sim corner environments based on these tropical scenes.

As an introductory offer, Until December 6, both editions are discounted by 20%.