Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New landscape technology arriving in September

During the last few months I have been working on some exciting new technology and landscape options. On September 1 2011 I will present landscape rezzers in shapes and sizes to give you much more freedom to select the landscape of your choice and tune it to your preferences:
  • Rezzers that allow you to switch between any of about 20 different landscapes (permission to TRANSFER). These versions will be available:
    • Full sim surround rezzer (size 1,000x1,000 m, a 20 prim light version and a 65 prim full version)
    • 'Half' surround rezzer (size 1,000x500 m)
    • Corner parcel rezzer (size 250x250 m)
    • Half sim parcel rezzer (size (250x125 m)
    • Skybox environment rezzer (sizes 1,000x1,000m, 250x250m and 100x100m)
  • Tens of rezzers that allow you to switch between two or three related landscapes (for example 'desert landscapes', permission to either TRANSFER or COPY, available in all above mentioned versions)
With all rezzers you get a HUD:

With this HUD you can
  • Rez any of the landscapes that are available in your rezzer
  • Add or remove sections of the landscapes, like waves, reefs or trees
  • Change the surface textures of the seperate sections: pick any of 240 (!) terrain textures or use your own
  • Change the appearence of the textures: change glow, transparency, repeat factor, brightness, shininess, use fullbright or add an underlying color
  • Allow group members (for example renters or friends) to use all options the rezzer has to offer
Furthermore, the terrain textures will be available for purchase on Landscapes Unlimited. With those you can match your sim terrain textures to your surrounding landscape.

As you can see I will also give COPY permissions to some of the rezzers. This is good news for people who own several islands, who want to decorate a small continent or who rent out many skyboxes. Up to now the technology I used didn't allow for proper copy versions, I am glad that I will be able to offer them soon.

Below you find a picture (click to enlarge) of a skybox rezzer with animated water and the HUD that you can use to change its appearence. I'm looking forward to meeting you in September on Landscapes Unlimited!