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New release: Starry Night star system

Don't you miss the incredibly beautiful starry skies we can see from Earth in the darkerst places, with the Milky Way in all its stunning beauty? Don't you have memories, like I do, of one of those special evenings on vacation, or at home in the countryside, gazing at the stars, at the little moving dots of satellites, Venus brightly setting in the West, that sudden shooting star? This new Starry Night system might bring back those memories, or help you create new ones with your loved ones in Second Life...

The Starry Night star system is a huge off-sim item that spans 1.6 km. You can use it on island regions (single region or 2-4 connected regions) as an enhancement of the sunset, night and sunrise sky. Please do not use the system (or the demo) if you are not the manager or owner of 

A remote control allows you to change all kinds of setttings: rotation speed, brightness, glow, moon phase, position on Earth (lattitude, because the sky looks totally different depending on how f…

A tropical edition of the Mirror Box

We've just released a new edition of the Mirror Box. It's completely tropical, with the illusion of reflecting emerald water. It has eight skies to choose from, and is accompanied by mesh islands and beaches, palm trees, some rocks, a wind turbine ad some buoys. These objects were designed to enhance the mirror effect of the Tropical box.

Like the first edition of the Mirror Box, this edition comes in 10 sizes between 32x32 m (for 1024 m2 premium parcels) and 1x1 km, for complete island regions.

You can get free demos and the real version here. When you arrive, you will see a setup with the 256x256 m mirror box.

This new edition is not an update to the previous Mirror Box.