Friday, August 23, 2013

A complete walkable, easy to install mesh beach system: revolutionize your beach experience

Straight beach. Looks familiar?
Over the years I have seen many island-themed regions (often tropical) with beaches along the sim edges. Almost always, the beaches appear to be straight and unnatural, with deep cliffs at the sim border. This is especially apparent when you look down from high above. See the picture to the left as an illustration.

A chart of 49 out of 158 segments
It's obvious that it's not easy to create naturally sloping beaches with the regular terraforming tools. What I have for you now, is a system of mesh beach segments that fit together like domino blocks. I made 158 segments that fit together like domino blocks in uncountable ways, to allow people to compose their own unique beach. The segments are solid, so you can walk and build on them and solid 'invisiprims' are not necessary.
A complete sim, layed out with mesh beaches. The 25 segments are textured like a chessboard. The red area is the sim itself: note that part of the outer beaches go off-sim.

The meshes are not just fun for people with a beach front parcel, but they can also be used to create solid ground high in the air. It's an ideal system to be used in the middle of my skybox environments, since those really need a solid surface in order not to fall through them. Currently, the best available solution for many people is a solid, square, invisible prim. This new system is much better: with it, you can create naturally shaped, soild surfaces at a height where terraforming is not available.

The mesh beach system in use on Radostin. The sim edge looks much more natural.
The beach system combined with the Large All-In-One Skybox Environment. The grassy island was also made of one of the beach segments. Visit this setup here.

In short, these are the properties of the mesh system:
  • 158 Segments are available, designed for sim edges, filling in the central area of sims, solitary islands, smaller beach front parcels and any setup of a beach environment in a sky build.
  • Permission to copy & modify. You can apply your own textures to match your land and change their size if necessary.
  • A scripted system aids you in snapping the segments to a convenient grid on your sim. The script can be removed after deploy.
  • The land impact per segment is in between 1 and 7 prims. Most segments are 2-4 prims.
  • After the beaches are in place, you can easily merge them into the sim terrain by terraforming. Use the 'smooth' and 'flatten' tools as much as possible for that.

One mesh beach segment (C7), controlled by its menu

You can purchase the system here on the marketplace (leave a review!)  and here in my store in Second Life. The simple sky setup from the picture can be visited here.