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New Release: Mesh Terrains & Sky Water

Mesh terrains I've just released a set of five solid (walkable) mesh terrains. Get demos or the real ones here. They each consist of 16 meshes (size 64x64 meters) and cover the area of one complete region. They can be used as terrain at ground level (like I have on my sim, to mix with regular terrain) or as terrain for additional levels in the sky. Soon we will be able to use a lot more prims on our sims and homesteads because of rising land allowance. Using these mesh terrains i nthe sky might be a great way to use the extra resources, without increasing lag at ground level!

By using the HUD you can easily change the textures from one season to the other (four baked texture sets that match terrain shapes can be chosen) or apply another texture from the HUD. Each mesh can be copied and modified, so ytou will always be able to use your own textures if you wish.
The baked texture sets match perfectly with the ones of the version 6.0 sim surround landscapes. This makes it super easy …