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Winter is here!

This is my newest surrounding landscape. Rez it on your island, and a few seconds later you'll be immersed in a wintery mountain scene! The flat area in the middle has ice textures on it, that way your island seems to be in the middle of a frozen mountain lake. If you lower the landscape, water will be in between the surrounding mountains and your island.

This surround, like all others, has menus installed to let you change the surface textures. That way you will be able to use it in Spring, Summer and Autumn too. A demo is available at Landscapes Unlimited.

In order to quickly introduce this surround to the grid, it will be discounted until December 1, 2010.

Update of the Corner Parcel Landscapes

I upgraded the sim extension landscapes for 1/4 sim corner parcels. I also created a new type to go with them: straight tropical landscape elements and a smaller corner. These, when combined with the corner parcel extensions, can be used to surround any combination of sims with a tropical coast. All sim extensions include islands, beaches, reefs, waves and palm trees.

I added a menu to allow you to change the textures of the islands and beaches:

Use four corners (available as a package) to surround one island sim:

Combine them to surround any setup of connected sims, like this:

Some technical data: all elements are just 1 object. The corners are 34 prims, the straight elements are 23 prims, and the inner corner is 13 prims. They all have "drag and drop" technology installed, just drop them close to where you want them, and they will move into place!

Do you need a large number of them? Contact me and ask for a discount!