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New: Half Surrounds for More Flexibility

During the last few weeks I worked on a new type of off-sim extension: environments that you can rez along one side of a sim. These environments are very suitable for regions that are not islands themselves, but together with other regions for an island group or a continent. You can drop them close to the edge of the sim where you want them, and they will rotate and move into place. After fez you can adjust their position.
Of course these environments can also be used on single, free-lying islands (full sims, homesteads, open spaces). You can buy two or four of them with a discount, to completely surround your island. Come to Landscapes Unlimited and get a few demos!
Below are some pictures of the new landscapes and a picture of the new demonstration panel. When you're on the sim you can click on the pictures to rez them on the spot.

New surround landscape: suitable for two or more sims

This is a new coastal landscape to surround your SL island. I used the textures of another very popular mountain landscape (surround 5) to get a very realistic 3D effect.

One of the sides is open to the sea. That makes it very suitable if your island consists of two or more sims or if you want a real harbour feel to your sim. A free demo is available at Landscapes Unlimited!