Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sim surround Tropics released today

I have decided to release the full sim surround version of the Tropics environment a few weeks earlier. As of today, it is available in my store.

There are Silver (transferable with HUD) and Gold (copyable with HUD) editions available. Both have four completely different tropical environments inside, all with a couple of default texture options, making 15 default scenes. All can be selected and adjusted by HUD. I will not release any Bronze editions of this specific surround, because there are just too many scenes.

Later this month, or early next year, I will release half sim surround, sim edge and sim corner environments based on these tropical scenes.

As an introductory offer, Until December 6, both editions are discounted by 20%.


  1. If I purchase it, where can I use it? I am a Premium member but only rent a small beachside lot in Lionheart Estate. Where will I be able to open and view your products?

  2. It is meant for use on full sims or homesteads, at land/water level. I do not have it on display myself now, so you would have to take a demo and rez it at your place. Since you don't own or rent an island, I guess this one is not suitable for your situation.

  3. Hey Sominel, any update on when you will have the sim edges done with this enviroment? I have 2 sims connected and want to put your new tropical enviroments around them. Thanks, Dragon Garside

  4. Hi Dragon. The new sim edge and half sim environments may not be ready until June or even September this year. Due to a change of plan I have put creating new Second Life environments on hold for a while. I will post an update about those new plans soon.