Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hebrides Half Sim Surround & off-sim Edge Environment

Up to now the only designs available of the version 6.0 landscapes were complete single-sim landscapes (meant for single island regions) and 1/4 region corner parcel landscapes. Now I have added a half sim surround edition and a sim edge environment edition of the Hebrides landscape to my store as well.

The Hebrides Sim Edge Environment [6.0] with HUD

The half sim surround edition can be used along one side of a single region or several combined regions. It has two landscape designs (small islands and bigger islands), and both designs come in baked texture sets of all four seasons. The half sim surround is about 1 km wide (close to a stretch of 4 sims).

The Hebrides Half Sim Surround [6.0] with HUD. It's about 4 sims wide, and works perfect along a small continent

The sim edge environment comes in the same designs and baked seasonal texture sets, but is significantly smaller: its width is only about 250 meters, close to the width of a single region. It can be used along any region side that has off-sim water.

One of the winter designs

These new landscape items can be purchased here. Of course, there are also free demos available.

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