Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Landscapes Unlimited in The Drax Files: World Makers

Draxtor Despres has made a video about me and my work in SL. It's episode 36 in The Drax Files: World Makers. Please have a look and enjoy the result of Draxtor's work. It was a true pleasure to work with him, and I'm very proud of the result!

When Draxtor propsed to make a video about me and my work I was reluctant to go along with it, because, obviously, I'd have to be on camera in real life and I wasn't sure if I'd want that. Draxtor convinced me he wouldn't make me look (or sound) bad, so I agreed. I wish to congratulate Draxtor with the beautiful, visually very attractive result and thank him for the professional and fun way in which he produced it!

Several customers helped in making the video by showing how they use my designs in Second Life, and many even agreed to record real life footage for Draxtor to use. I'm very grateful they did, it shows Second Life is all about real people realising their dreams in our virtual world, and it makes me very proud to be a part of that. I would especially like to thank Nora Vanderpoole, Corwin Lacourte, Nekome, Merrick Falconer, Zachh Barkley, Origen (love the suit!), Annakari Genesis, EloiseBlake and Stavaros, and also Marianne McCann for making the moon base on my sim.

You can visit a few scenes that were used for the video here:

Yosemite Surround

Sahara Solid Sky Landscape

Lunar Base Solid Sky Landscape

Landscape Store with Hebrides surround

Som's Retreat with Patagonia surround (open to the public)

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  1. Wicked-good landscapes! And as a RL geographer with a PhD in the field, I'm happy to attest to the geomorphological realism of Sominel Edelman's renderings. Great work, and great to see behind the scenes!