Monday, March 7, 2016

Changes in store assortment: many items dropped, some items added

The assortment of items that can be purchased in my in-world store has changed. I've noticed that in my old store there were too many things to choose from. This made it hard for people to decide what to use. Added together, there was a staggering number of 231 items in my old store.

All Version 4 landscapes, that were originally released in 2009 and 2010, are now only available in single All-In-One items. You can select the landscape you want (and change its textures etcetera) by using the HUD. Because you cannot choose a cheaper single version anymore, I've lowered the price of the All-In-One items considerably. There is still one very popular original sim surround available in a 'Lite' edition: no HUD, but still copyable.

All original (version 4) land level landscapes; four All-in-One items and one 'Lite' surround

I don't distinguish between Gold, Silver and Bronze version 5 landscapes anymore. All are now copyable and have a HUD to change scenes and textures. Previously these would have been called Gold. The most popular ones (the Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Tropics landscapes) are also available in a 'Lite' edition: they have no HUD, but are copyable. This is better than the previously called Bronze landscapes, because these weren't copyable. That makes the best ones available for people with less financial means.

All 'Lite' surrounds and some version 5 land level landscapes. Touch the pictures and see what they look like in the pit

New in the assortment are the Version 6 full sim surround landscapes. All new ones are copyable with a HUD, that allows for season and texture change. Three scenes are also available in a 'Lite' edition: copyable, but without the possibility to change them. Read more about them in this blog post.

All recently added version 6 fulol sim surrounds, including the (orange) 'Lite' version of some of them

In my store there now are 79 items available (43 sky landscapes, 36 land level landscapes), including 11 new version 6 surrounds. That should make it a lot easier for you to find what you need!

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