Friday, October 30, 2015

There's a moon over the off-sim mountains tonight

With this moon and planet system you can add as many moons or planets to your place as you want. They are perfect as a backdrop for a romantic spot or to increase the immersion on sci-fi or fantasy builds. They are ideal for photo shoots, and can be used both at land level and on sky builds. You can get a demo here on the Marketplace or get a real one here. They will be discounted by 20% until Monday November 2.

The "3D moon" responds to windlight lighting as if it were 3 3D shape

The planets will be very far outside your sim boundaries, and are always behind any off-sim landscape that you may be using, like they would in reality. I'm pretty sure this is the only moon and planet system in Second Life that is able to place a moon or planet that far away!

The planet system uses materials. This means normal and specular maps will make them look like actual spheres instead of flat discs. The lighting of the planets will change with the position of your sun and moon (environment settings) like real planets would.

You should enable the Advanced Lighting Model in your viewer to see it. The textures are alpha masked (not partly transparent), and because of that do not cause alpha glitch problems, so that they do not falsely appear to be in front of trees or windows.

By menu you can:

  • Select any of 16 heavenly bodies (never thought I'd write about heavenly bodies here);
  • Select one of nine moon phases
  • Set its speed and direction of rotation around the sim, or make it stop moving;
  • Set its size, from huge to very small
  • Switch between natural lighting and full bright texture
  • Set glow intensity.

This version of the moon is especially suitable for daylight settings: it blends in with the sky.

Available moon phases

One system has three planets with rings (two sizes each, four prims land impact), the other has 15 moons and planets without rings (two prims land impact). All planets of our own solar system can be chosen (Mercury, Venus, Earth (2 choices) and our moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus).

This item is made of mega prims with physics type set to None. This means it will not obstruct any sit animations and not cause any lag in combination with moving objects on your region, like horses and cars. Mega prims do go outside your region, and therefore owners of regions that are attached to yours with at least one full side have a problem with that. They will not influence other regions that only touch at the corners

This is the first of a series of decorative off-sim items.

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