Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Solid Sky Landscapes are now available

All six brand new solid sky landscapes are now available in the Landscapes Unlimited store in Second Life. In this previous post you can read what makes these landscapes special.

You could already see the Peaky Islands and the Six Lakes solid landscapes, now you can also visit the Lonely Mountain, Kingdom of Islands and Crossing Ridges landscapes.

Lonely Mountain solid sky landscape

The Lonely Mountain is special in a sense that it puts you on top of a mountain instead of in a valley. It is surrounded by animated reflective water (enable Advanced Lighting model!) that you can look and dream about, but not go to. Go to the borders of the sim and look down to enjoy the spectacular views. I'm sure many of you will be inspired by it: this is not a common sight in Second Life, where most places are surrounded by mountains instead of on top of them. The mesh on-sim surface makes it easy to build your own mountain keep.

Lonely Mountain: a mountainous island floating in the sky

Kingdom of Islands solid sky landscape

The Kingdom of Islands is a collection of tropical islands and beaches. The solid on-sim part has beaches and a few higher areas. It's ideal to make your own tropical private place in the sky, high above your other activities at ground level.

Crossing Ridges solid sky landscape

Crossing Ridges is a mountainous landscape, with four valleys that meet each other in the middle, where you get to build your place.  Your sunsets and sunrises will be spectacular!

Sandy Shore solid sky landscape

There is one landscape that cannot be visited yet. It's the Sandy Shores landscape. It has green hills with some big, sheltered lakes that you can walk into.

Installing the Solid Sky landscapes may be a bit tricky. To help you with it I've made an instruction video.

You can get demos of all of them in my store. They are not available on the Marketplace yet, but they will be by the end of August. As an introductory offer these new landscapes will be discounted by 20% until July 19, 2015.

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