Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New: Rolling Hills, a peaceful landscape to surround your island

One type of landscape was still missing from my version 5 set: a peaceful, undulating landscape with gentle slopes and green pastures. This new release should fill that gap: the Rolling Hills sim surround.

Default configuration of the Rolling Hills sim-surround landscape

In its default configuration, you will see green pastures and pine trees. The HUD allows you to switch to other configurations, trees and textures, including winter scenes, flowery meadows and even some desert-like scenes.

With exposed, weathered rock faces

Desert with or without water in the middle

Winter scene

Rugged, coastal landscape with an extra-terrestrial feel

I've used materials on this surround to add the suggestion of valleys on te hillsides and to prevent conflicts of the tree textures with on-sim transparent textures. With the Advanced Lighting Model switched on you will see the undulations, especially when the sun is at a low angle above the horizon. This makes the landscape more interesting. Read this blog post for more information about how to see the materials.

In a few weeks time I will also release small, medium and large versions for sky builds (with animated reflective water), and I am also preparing a half sim surround version for use on connected regions.

The Rolling Hills can temporarily be seen here, surrounding the on-sim mesh landscape belonging to the Grand Canyon setup. They are available here at Landscapes Unlimited and here on the Marketplace. Of course, yo can pick up a free demo there too.


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  2. I am fairly new to the land/air enviroment that you make. I have one set already and looking at the demo of the rolling hills in my sky home. I was curious if there was any way to be able to make a few of the "hills" disappear to fit my home and present landscaping thru the hud features? I love the product itself, but the hills, even the mountains on my previous purchase either go thru my house or thru part of my landscaping that is already there? or even if it's possible to apply an invisible texture to certain "hills/mountains" ?If you like, you can contact me in world, or even leave an offline with Brookee Romano. Thanks so much