Friday, September 14, 2012

New store now open, Swiss Alps available

The new store, situated in the brand new medium-sized skybox version of the Swiss Alps, is now open. You will find a lot of new items there: several land level and sky editions of the Swiss Alps, land level and sky editions of Yosemite and several fat packs that make purchasing complete sets of items up to 40% cheaper: ideal for estate owners who want to offer a wide variety of environments to their renters.

As an introductory offer, today, tomorrow and on Sunday all new items (including the Yosemite and Swiss Alps fat packs) will be discounted by 20%. You will recognize them by the red star attached to the boards.

I have also changed the pricing of all 2011 landscape items. Some almost stayed the same, but others came down quite a bit: especially the items that have copy permissions are more attractively priced now.

Folow this link to go to the new store.

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