Friday, September 23, 2011

See the HUD and rezzers in action

Some people missed the possibility to see all environments on my sim. They liked the rezzers I had before: you could touch a picture, and the environment of your choice would rez around you. I removed that option, because I now have too many versions. The only way you could see the HUD and the environments 'in action' was to take demos and rez them on your land.

I was not too keen on removing the rezzers myself, and I do understand it's very convenient to be able to browse through all landscapes, and then take a few demos of your choice. That's why a few days ago, I added demonstrators of all rezzers to the platforms.

The demonstrator for environments for 1/4 sim corner parcels
You can operate the HUD in front of them, and experience how you can customize the environments. Up to now, no-one was able to 'break' them, so go ahead and put them to the test!

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