Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New sky platform layout

This is the new platform where you can see and buy all new sky landscapes.

In the middle there are a number of panels. Below each of the pictures of the landscapes there are 9 buttons. When you click/touch the top row the landscape will rez around you. When you use the middle row you can get a demo landscape for free, you can test it on your own parcel/sim, and find out how the menu works. At the bottom row you buy the actual landscape.

The buttons have three colors. They correspond to the different sizes of the landscapes, ranging from 50x50 to 1000x1000 meters (a sim is 256x256 m in size).

On the platform are some other panels as well. From left to right: get a landmark to the sim surround landscapes, get a notecard with detailed information about the landscapes, get a card with landmarks to other interesting places on our sim, became a member of our subscribe-o-matic update group.

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