Monday, July 19, 2010

How to change the textures of your sky landscape

This menu pops up when you touch your landscape, and keep your mouse button pressed for at least one second. Click "Texture menu"
With the texture menu you can change the surface textures of the landscape.
When you select "Pre-loaded" you can choose a texture category. After that you can choose from several textures. Each landscape comes with more than 30 textures.
After you selected a texture, you can change its luminosity (lightness) or the repeat factor (how many times does it get displayed on the landscape). You can also revert to default: the default, dedicated textures will be loaded again.
Change the repeat factor...
or the luminosity.
From the texture menu you can select "User texture". You will be allowed to load a texture into the contents of the landscape. This texture will be applied on the surface. This way you can, for example, use the same texture as your sim ground texture on the landscape....  
To do this, you need to edit the landscape (right-click on it, select "edit") and then click on the contents tab of the edit menu....
!Open your inventory, find your texture, and drag it from your inventory to the contents of the landscape. Note: your texture needs to be full perm, which means you need to be able to copy, modify and transfer it
The appearence of your landscape will change immediately... I hope you will enjoy the new possibilities!

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