Version 6 Sim Surrounds now in Sky edition

By the end of 2016 I finished a new set of sim surround landscapes (version 6.0). These landscapes are now available in a sky edition, in three sizes: Large (1x1 km), Medium (250x250 m) and Small (125x125 m).

Sweetwater Valley - Autumn

Tropcal Paradise

It took quite some time to develop these, especially because the new type of water that I wanted to use (see also this blogpost) required  lots of changes in several landscape and HUD scripts. This is also why the HUD was updated to version 6.1: previous HUD's won't work on these sky landscapes.

Gorges du Verdon with functioning HUD 6.1

When rezzing the Medium and Small editions you will get a menu that helps you to rez a naturally shaped and textures solid mesh platform in the middle. You can bring up this menu afterwards too by touching the landscape for at least five seconds.

Mesh terrain and menus

The mesh platforms themselves have a menu to change the texture to another season. They are copy-mod, so you can apply your own textures too. The Large edition does not have such mesh terrains: you could purchase our package of mesh terrains for this.

Patagonia without mesh in the middle

The normal and specular maps will show when you use the Advanced Lighting Model in your viewer.

Hebrides with mesh terrain

You can find demos and the real ones on Landscapes Unlimited.


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