Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tropics environment available for 1/4 sim corner parcels

The tropical full sim surrounding environment that I released in December 2012 proves to be very popular. By now, there must be hundreds of them out there on the grid. To use this full sim surround, however, you need to own or rent a complete island. That makes it unusable for many residents.

Today I release a version of the Tropics that you can use on a 1/4 region. It has eight different scenes inside (volcanoes, mangrove islands etc), all in three editions with dedicated textures making 24 setups to choose from.

This item will only be available in the Gold edition, which means that it's copiable and that its appearence can be changed by means of a HUD. Moreover, you can remove unnecessary scripts and sitting on any object on the sim will not be blocked  in any way.

The new Tropics environment is available here, and it's very attractively priced. You can get a demo to try it before you buy the real one.


  1. Hi, I just bought this and I wondered if you do updates to them? My bf has the full sim one and says there is new stuff in the demo... if so, do you offer upgrades or do we have to repurchase for the new stuff?

    1. This one makes use of some new 'materials' options (see previous blog posts): the transparency of the trees is handled differently from the earlier full sim release. Besides that, there is no significant difference. Is that what you are referring to?
      I have not decided yet if, when and how to incorporate the new materials options in older builds. I will let you know through this blog if I do. One thing you can be sure about: I won't let people pay for a second time to get an updated version.